UK Fim Director Sue Clayton on the deportation of young asylum seekers – video

Unheard Voices interviews UK director and screenwriter Sue Clayton about her latest documentary  Hamedullah: The Road Home and the insights it gave her into the asylum system.

Clayton talks about how she believes the UK immigration system criminilises asylum seekers, which makes it hard for them to integrate back into their communities when they are returned to their country of origin.

Yes Hamedullah went back, and no, no one killed him or forced him to join the Taliban. But he kind of doesn’t fit, he doesn’t really belong. He doesn’t really know who he is anymore.

Clayton believes we need to think about an asylum system that respects other cultures and helps asylum seekers integrate back into their own countries if they need to be returned.

Watch another clip from our interview with Sue Clayton about Hamedullah: The Road Home here

Film by Marishka Van Steenbergen and Joe Bream

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