Into the Fire- Refugees and Migrants in Greece- video

The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece, a film by Guy Smallman and Kate Mara

Greece is in crisis. But the economic crisis is not the only one. An asylum crisis has gripped the country at this time of severe austerity. And it hits the most vulnerable: Refugees, including minors, who have left everything behind fleeing their countries to find safety.

In Greece, they are left destitute and on the streets, unable to apply for asylum and threatened by escalating racist attacks. Trapped in Greece, they have one message for Europe and the rest of the world: Let us leave!

Into the Fire is an investigative documentary looking at the situation of refugees and migrants in Greece, as they become the victims of severe austerity measures and rising racism.

Into the Fire was made by filmmakers Guy Smallman and Kate Mara who have chosen to crowd-source the distribution of their film in order to increase it’s audience and impact. On 21 April Into the Fire is being released simultaneously on various websites and platforms on the internet and you can participate by embedding or sharing the film on 21 April and afterwards. To find out more go to the Into the Fire website.

Contacted by a teenage refugee

In April 2012 Guy and Kate went to Athens to make a series of short films about austerity. Before they left, they were contacted by a teenage refugee from Somalia. He emailed them with a list of problems that he and his friends were facing. Guy and Kate met them and filmed a short series of interviews about their deeply shocking experiences in Greece. Guy and Kate said:

What we discovered during our one day of filming on the situation of refugees in Greece was unsettling. Once we got back to London, we secured additional funding, to be able to go to Greece a second time and take a closer look at what was happening. From that starting point, the film grew in an organic fashion that surprised us. It seemed to have a life of its own and drag us along in its wake.

We witnessed the aftermath of a racist attack that left a family’s livelihood in ruins and a young man in hospital. We were invited into the crowded home of undocumented refugees. We spoke to refugees who have been waiting for months or even years to apply for asylum. We witnessed a prayer vigil for a young man stabbed to death. We spent a morning with homeless refugees in a park.

Along the way, we were impressed by the hospitality, passion and spirit of the people we met. We were saddened and shocked by the stories we were told. We were delighted at the support we received, many people have donated their time and their skills to make this film happen. We made this film on a shoestring. No one has been paid for their work. But we felt this story needed to be told.

To find out more go to Into the Fire and please help to share this powerful documentary.

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