NCADC on whether we can trust the UK Border Agency in their asylum decisions

Unheard Voices interviews Lisa Matthews of the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns group (NCADC) about whether we can trust the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to make the right decision about people coming to the UK to claim asylum.
Matthews talks about the lack of knowledge about what happens to asylum seekers who are returned to their country of origin and about how the immigration system can be improved. Matthew also talks about a UKBA practice of using chartered flights to deport asylum seekers back to their country of origin.

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Can we trust the UKBA to make the right decision?

Matthews claims that even the home office and other government departments criticise UKBA. She says that UKBA is an embarrassment and that they arent doing a very good job. Matthews says her biggest concern is that the UKBA are not tracking those they send back:

The area of most concern is that the UKBA’s standard line is; ‘we do not remove anyone in need of protection’. But the thing is , they don’t do anything to monitor people after they have been removed.

Matthews claims that it is impossible to know if the people sent back are in need of protection, without monitoring what happens to them.

Matthews tells us more in a skype interview from her London office…

How can the immigration system in the UK be improved?

Matthews believes that there needs to be better decision making and better access to legal advice right from the start of an asylum claim. She says that there is a culture of disbelief at the UKBA which needs to be addressed and that better access to justice is paramount.

Listen to this clip from our skype interview to find out more…

What are charter flights and why does UKBA use them to return asylum seekers?

NCADC and other asylum campaigners claim that the UKBA carry out mass deportations through private charter flights. Matthews talks about the lack of transparency in the operation of these flights and about the potential for violations to occur on these flights without anyone knowing.

Matthews claism this is an inhumane and shady practice, brought in because of successful resistance to deportation on commercial flights; and the increase in deportations to more dangerous countries.

Listen to this clip from our skype interview to find out more…

Unheard Voices approached the UKBA about the allegations made by NCADC

A UK Border Agency spokesperson said:

“The UK has a proud record of offering sanctuary to those who need it. But those who we and the courts have found do not have a genuine need for our protection must return to their home country.

“We provide a range of support to help people return to their home countries but where they refuse, we will remove them. Detention is only ever used as a last resort after all attempts to return a failed asylum seeker voluntarily have been refused. No-one is detained for any longer than necessary however there are those who prolong detention because of their attempts to frustrate the removal process. They must take responsibility for that.

All failed asylum seekers and detainees are treated with dignity and respect. We expect the highest level of standards from our staff and contractors and will investigate any allegation that those standards are not being met.”

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